Friday, October 31, 2014

Sweater Weather

OK I admit it...  I was originally going to follow my bad habit of writing this lengthy essay on the phenomenon of cold weather in tropical areas and about how people "up north" invariably chuckle to themselves "ha ha ha, That's not so cold down there".

For us who live in South Florida, those first few days of non 90 degree, non 90-something percent humidity are a welcome breath of fresh air so to speak - and to us it's something really rather special and unique...much like this sweater from Monso (ah ha! See what I did there?)  Worn over a system layer sweater from Gabriel, it makes the perfect centerpiece for a Fall / Winter outfit - even in South Beach  :)

Featured today:

"My Warmer Muffler" (White) by [monso]
Loose Highneck Sweater (Long system layer w/out attachments) by [Gabriel]
Grey Silk Casual Baggys by [bastard]
Semi Brogue Shoes (Sand) by [Sleepy Eddy]
Steking Pierced EARS [MANDALA]
Hair - Takumi (Blonde) by [ARGRACE]
Hair Base - 04 (Veganic / Chai) by [ACTION]
Black bead necklace by [Gabriel] (Group Gift)

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