Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Radiophonic (I think I'm in love)

A few years ago, when Sculpties were still new (and sculpty clothing was even newer), I saw an avatar wearing what looked like a retro 70's style leather jacket.  I stood there thinking "Now how in hell did they make that?"  Of course, I inspected the item and discovered that it was from a store called "Gabriel" - upon teleporting over, I immediately fell in love.  Their selection is great and if I'm low on L$, there's always something good on sale.

When I first saw this Hoodie and Shorts set last summer I knew I had to grab the whole fatpack.  Not all the possible combinations are pictured here, but this should just give you an idea of how fresh and inspired designer Takuya Jinn's creations are.  You owe it to yourselves to get over there and check out his shop.

Featured Today:

HN hoodie (Short sleeves) by [Gabriel]
Half denim pants by [Gabriel]
GTFO Boots by [GOS]
Hair - "Russell" in Brick by [Pocket Mirrors]
Facial Piercings - "The Beast" by [Hebenon Vial]
Headphones - by [Regimade] (freebie)
Poses by Diesel Works

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