Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More than a Dream...

This past week I got a group notice about the new "Essex" male outfit over at a store called FashionNatic, which I was not familiar with.  It looked rather nice in the photo and the price was just perfect for me since I had tier due, so I TP'd on over to check it out.  To be totally honest with you I was not prepared for how well made this clothing was.  Not only does it include shirt, vest, pants, and shoes; but it also comes with a HUD that allows you to customize the whole ensemble to your liking.

Once I tried on the demo on I was floored at how nicely it fit.  It was actually man-shaped which doesn't sound like a big deal, but given the sheer volume of 'unisex' crap guys in SL are forced to deal with I think it's noteworthy.  You need to check this one out, guys.  

Featured Items:

"Essex" Male Outfit by [FashionNatic]
"Inkubator" Hair (Kyle) by [Action]
"Ardent Eyes" (Skyfall) by [IKON]
"River" Skin by [Aeros]

NB:  The hair in this post is about a month old now, but it is worth mentioning since it's the first new release in a while from Action Surf & Sk8.  They've totally re-worked their coloring system for this new "Inkubator" series of hair and there are themed color packs that can be purchased separately.  The blond tones could be a bit more natural looking, but it's definitely worth having a look at.