Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Look of the Day

As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a new non-TMP item a few days ago that fits my new TMP Male body; so as promised, I'm here to share it with you...

Featured Items:

Mesh Body: "TMP Male Mesh Body (Beta)" by [Body co AKA The Shops]
Skin: "Prince" by [Body co AKA The Shops]
Hair: "Broken Strings" by [Exile]
Jeans, Belt, Bandana: "Compton Jeans" set by [Legal Insanity @ Men Only Monthly]
Necklace: "Corsair Necklace" by [eudora 3D for December 2014 TMD] (No longer available)
Flip flops for TMP: Free gift from [DUFAUX] (Marketplace Only)

NB:  The Compton Jeans, Belt, and Bandanna set do not appear to have been designed with the TMP Male Body in mind, however (on myself and others I have seen), they are a perfect fit.  As always, try the demo first before purchasing.

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